More than a project incubator, we are Business Tutors.

About Us

The whole process of business creations, ideas and actions are born of visions, dreams that arise as a solution to the most varied demands.

About Us

We are strong professionals united to make all these dreams tangible everywhere on the planet.

More than a project incubator, we are Business Tutors. Yes, the tutoring that designs, plans, estimates and especially cherishes your project.

More than an accelerator, we are a Transformer. Simply because our business is to turn dreams into reality, projects in achievements, estimates in results and willingness to really sustainable attitudes.

What drives us

We are wise entrepreneurs and open to new challenges. We seek at all times ideas that can create a virtuous chain of investments that generate financial gain and also promote gains in innovation and sustainability for the planet. Always supported by well-defined values:


We work in teams, respecting individual skills and always looking for maximum transparency in the proposals, thoughts and feelings.


For all ideas, comments and opinions placed on the table. Also loyal to our contracts and agreements always acting within the limits of ethics, laws and rules.


We are committed to maintain enthusiasm and our energy high. We also seek moments of relief, great to oxygenate our ideas and thoughts. This ensures the 100% physical and mental involvement in each project.


we search and discuss new revolutionary innovations every time. Promoting brainstorming meetings, to exchange opinions, to change the world and proposing new ways of thinking. This is our day-to-day.

Our Abilities

The basic principle of our activities is Relationships.

We established within this Relationship based Universe, some degree of influence and importance taking into account professional attributes, intuitive, emotional/rational and especially human intelligence.

We seek to improve the knowledge and new frontiers in Extension Courses, Meetings, Conventions, Conferences, minimalist meetings, interviews in the field and any type of learning that transfers the content and relevant experiences for our business.

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Let's work together!

We are structured globally to work with:

International market:

Exploring, encouraging and formatting business on the 5 continents.

Relationships in between Investors:

We produce "handshakes" between investors, suppliers, employees and the entire production chain. We have the best people in the right places, with the specific skills to carry out projects.


We structure logistic and functional operations around the world.

Business Development:

We are Business Tutors. We take care of the whole process with professionalism and care.

New Business Opportunities:

We are present in various events around the world. We keep our yes open for new opportunities, new markets and new customers for your company. If you or your company have some of these requirements, we are your perfect partner:
• Innovative ideas
• Sustainable Projects
• Entrepreneurs
• High potential for development
• Synergy and integration between projects

Your business, our business

Our customers:

They are people or businesses with innovative ideas that generate wealth in a sustainable way.

Our differential:

We work in a creative environment, we seek speed and excellence in processes with connections throughout the world. And all this with an optimistic and positive thinking maintaining an increasingly sustainable planet.

Our competencies:

Planning and execution of business. Experience in management, access to financial resources, global networking and strategic partnerships.


Business innovation, profitable and able to promote a better world.


Beauty Brands Brazil

• Indústria: Cosméticos
• Produtos: Blush, Lápis, etc.

Serviços executados: Planejamento de Negócio.

Mai & Mai

• Indústria: Fashion
• Produtos: Vestuário e Acessórios

Serviços executados: Planejamento de Negócio.

Top Minds

Uma plataforma que gera soluções para os problemas de educação promovendo a interação entre alunos e professores.

•Indústria: Tecnologia da Informação
•Produtos: Website

Serviços executados: Planejamento de Negócio, desenvolvimento da plataforma na internet, desenvolvimento do negócio.

Parking Media

• Indústria: Equipamentos
• Produtos: Parking Guindance System

Serviços executados: Planejamento de Negócio, Implantação no mercado brasileiro, desenvolvimento de produto.

Tora Brasil

• Indústria: Móveis
• Produtos: Móveis com madeira certificada da Amazônia

Serviços Executados: Consultoria estratégica M&A, Estratégia de mercado e expansão para novos mercados (US, Europe and México).


• Indústria: Alimentos e bebidas
• Produtos: Bebida Energética Orgânica

Serviços Executados: Consultoria estratégica M&A, Estratégia de mercado e expansão para novos mercados (US, Europe and México).


  • Renato de Faria e Almeida Prado - São Paulo, Brazil

    MBA from UCLA - Anderson School of Management (California, USA), He has a degree in Production Engineering from the Polytechnic School - University of São Paulo and has studied Brazilian law at the University Mackenzie. His skills include business strategy, international business trading, financial modeling, cash flow. Serial entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in new business development. His professional experience includes the development of startups in various sectors: beverages, fashion, cosmetics, parking and web applications.

  • Daniela C. Dansieri Almeida Prado - São Paulo, Brazil

    Business Administrator for Mackenzie University, Daniela´s profile can be described as a General Manager. Her experience includes consulting for large companies in Brazil in automation of payroll services, including being responsible of 2 children and organize all tasks and responsibilities in a home. From 2009 to 2014, she also dedicated to the management of her own car company in Brazil, managing payroll, accounts payable and receivable, development of new proposals, suppliers and procurement contracts.

  • Afnan Bashir – Lahore, Pakistan

    Software Engineer for Education, entrepreneur by choice and explorer of nature. MSc in Software Engineering and solid experience in software development and project management. He has worked in the IT industry for over six years and is also involved in research with four international publications in this area. All technical and related tasks with IT Dream2B are developed by him.

  • Regina (Landim) Noppe – São Paulo, Brazil

    Brazilian-Canadian, a natural leader captivating stakeholders, partners, and people of all backgrounds, establishing mutually productive ties! My background working in foreign markets & in several industries for over 15 years, has given me a unique perspective and fundamental business skills. I'm a passionate Entrepreneur, Technology and Social Media junkie. I have been helping international companies enter the Brazilian market. I'm fascinated by the reach and potential of Digital & Mobile Marketing and e-Commerce.

  • Isabel Aparicio Garcia - Madrid , Spain

    Graduated in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations from Dublin Business School, Ireland, specialized in development of Startups. She lived in Ireland between 2008 and 2014, where she worked as Account Manager for Getty Images and as Marketing and Community Manager in HealthXL (StartUp Accelerator specializing in Digital Health). She also lived in Thailand, South Africa and Brazil. Isabel is a sales person with great interpersonal skills and communication. She has extensive experience in marketing, international negotiations and business development.

  • Alex Contreras – Los Angeles, CA / Merida Venezuela

    MBA from UCLA - Anderson School of Management (California, USA), Alex graduated from UCLA with a BA in Business Economics and International Relations. Alex is on the US mortgage market for properties with more than 11 years of experience. Also, Alex is an entrepreneur and founded Viesso.com in 2005, a Retailer Multi-brand Store.

USA Office

1395 Brickell Avenue Suite 800
33131 Miami, FL

Brazil - Headquarters

Av. Paulista, 1079 – 8th Floor - 01311-200, São Paulo

Spain Office

Paseo de la Castellana, 141
28046, Madrid